Course/Admission Period

Course Beginning
of Course
Closing Date
2-year Course April every year November 10th 1 year ago
1-year and
9-month Course
July every year February 28th
1-year and
6-month Course
October every year May 21th
1-year and
3-month Course
January every year8 August 31st 1 year ago

iconPlease note that applications are no longer accepted once the courses are filled. Application periods may be extended, but applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Please contact us for more information.

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Admission Procedures

(1) Submission of the necessary documents and application fee at a time of application during the appointed period (Please see next section for more information concerning the necessary documents.).

(2) Screening Test Performed by ICA. Application for "Certificate of Eligibility" will be made for accepted applicants by ICA at the Tokyo Immigration Office.

(3) Notification of the results of the application for "Certificate of Eligibility" Successful Applicants will receive "Certificate of Eligibility" and "Certificate of Admission." All documents except ones submitted to the Immigration Office will be returned to applicants in cases of rejection. Please note that the Application Fee is non-refundable.

(4) Application for Visa through submission of "Certificate of Eligibility" and "Certificate of Admission" at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

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ICA's Admission Statement

Admission to ICA is based on academic qualifications and potential without regard to age, race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

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Items Necessary to Complete an Application file

Application to ICA requires the submission of the necessary documents. The following is a description of the process for cases in which the defrayer or sponsor is a relative of the applicant. Self-financed applicants or applicants sponsored by a company should contact ICA for details. The documents will be different for each applicant. Please be sure to contact us for further details.

(1) Required Documents for Applicant

  • Ten copies of the applicant's photograph (4 cm × 3 cm): taken within 3 months of the application and with the name written on the back of the photo. The submitted photo must be original and cannot be one previously used for passport, diploma or other forms of identification.
  • Photocopy of applicant's passport: Copies of the pages showing embarkation and disembarkation for previous trips to Japan are required when applicable.
  • Personal History and Application Form: Please use the provided form.
  • Original copy of Diploma or Certificate of Graduation, and a transcript of the last school attendedin the applicant's home country.
  • Certificate of Japanese language ability: Applicants must have passed JPT level 4 or higher, or finished at least 150 hours of Japanese language instruction in their home country by the time of application for the "Certificate of Eligibility" at the Tokyo Immigration Office. In cases of the latter, certification is required from the Japanese language institution.

* Those applicants with occupations are also required to submit a Certificate of Employment stating annual income.

(2) Required Documents of Defrayer or Sponsor

In cases where he or she is a relative of the applicant, and he or she intends to hold full responsibility for your expenses during the course. Please note that only relations of third degree or less, such as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, are qualified to be defrayers / sponsors. Cousins or friends do not qualify. Self-financed applicants need to contact ICA.

  • Pledge of defrayal / sponsorship addressed to the Director of the Tokyo Immigration Office must be hand written by the defrayer / sponsor. Please use the provided form.
  • Certificate of balance of your defrayer's / sponsor's bank account: Certificate of the balance of your bank account. In general, the recommended amount should be no less than \1,500,000 concerning the necessary expenses for living in Japan for one year. Either US dollars or Japanese yen, which indicate the ability to conduct overseas bank transfers, are also recommended.
  • Officially certified copy of the family registration or birth certificates proving the relationship between you and the defrayer/sponsor.
  • A copy of the defrayer's / sponsor's passport or officially certified identification
  • Statement indicating defrayer's / sponsor's financial income
  • Certificate indicating the defrayer / sponsor's occupation and the existence of the company thereof (ex. a copy of the company registration), or official certificate indicating his/her own business. The defrayer/ sponsor's annual income must be officially certified (ex. certificate issued by the tax office or authorities).

(3) Written Promise of Guarantor/Reference

  • Use the provided form. The guarantor/ reference must be a resident in Japan with exceptions. Contact us for further information.
  • If the applicants and the defrayer / sponsor are residents of different countries, resident certificates such as a copy of the passport, official identification or certificate of permanent residence is also required to be submitted.

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How to Fill Out the Application Form

(1) Personal History and Application Form

  • Use the provided form.
  • These forms must be hand written by the applicant.
  • Educational Background: Please fill out your entire educational background starting from elementary school, stating the years and the months of entrance and the completion. State the anticipated date of graduation if you have not yet completed your current schooling, adding "up to the present" at the end.
  • Occupation: The period engaged should be written as "from__year__month - present".
  • Employment Background: The months and dates of the period in which the applicant engaged in the occupation must be stated. State the fact that you are still engaging in the occupation at the present time if it applies to you, adding "up to the present" at the end.
  • Your Future Plans after Completion of the Course: Please fill out the names of the higher educational institutions, if possible, such as college, vocational school which you wish to attend, or areas or fields you wish to study after you have finished the course at ICA (i.e. a university with a law department, a vocational school for information processing.).
  • Status and Period of Stay: Please leave this space EMPTY.
  • Past Visits to Japan: All the records of embarkation and disembarkation to Japan including short term stays such as sightseeing must be written down.
  • The Statement of The Reason Why You Wish to Study in Japan: This is the most important section for all applicants. A precise, correct and persuasive statement is absolutely necessary. Those applicants who wish to study only the Japanese language in Japan are expected to specify the reason why the language is more important to him/her than others. If your reason for studying in Japan is to go on to higher education, your familiarity or your experience in the subject or area you wish to study should be indicated. Ambitious and determined applicants who wish to study subjects in whom they have no experience are obviously required to state their reasons clearly. Those who wish to go on to higher educational institutions in Japan after finishing the Japanese course are required to have completed at least 12 years of schooling in their home countries. In cases where the applicant's country's required secondary education is less than 12 years, applicants must complete preparatory courses authorized by the Ministry of Education before enrolling in the institutions in which they wish to study.

(2) Pledge of defrayal / sponsorship

  • This form must be hand written by the defrayer / sponsor.
  • Tuition: Please mark "One Year" with a circle and fill out the Total Admission Fee covering the tuition of the first year of the course. See the page TUITION.

(3) Others

  • Please write in block letters.
  • Each item must be written in clear block letters with a black or dark blue ball-point pen.
  • Please be sure that there are no typographical errors, omissions or incorrect dates in the statement, as such mistakes may cause a disadvantage to the application when it being evaluated.
  • The use of Japanese translation (A4/letter paper), if possible, attached on each document, will expedite the process of screening test and inspection.
  • Please report all past applications for pre-college student visa to ICA, if any.

iconDocuments in the following conditions are not acceptable.

  • lacking the issued or written date
  • issued more than 6 months before submission to the Immigration Office. (Documents prepared in Japan must be made within 3 months of submission)
  • official certificates without seal/signature
  • written in other than black or dark blue ink
  • damaged or soiled
  • containing any false statements or forgery

iconIMPORTANT: When any inaccuracy or falsification of the statements in the submitted documents or forms are detected, or documents are found to have been forged, the following actions will result. Consent to these terms is required before submission.

  • Unconditional rejection of the application, and all future applications.
  • Unconditional rejection of all documents submitted by the guarantor of the applicant.
  • Application Fee is non-refundable in such cases.


Download Files (PDF)

Application Instruction: Japanese / English(preparing) / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional)

Application form : Japanese-English

Affidavit of Financial Support: Japanese-English / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional)

List of financial sponsor’s family members: Japanese-English

Submission Check List: Japanese / English(preparing) / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional)