Course and Program


ICA offers four courses in the Japanese Department. Each course offers four 45-minute lessons a day. The average number of students in each class is fifteen.

Course Total study hours Term Graduation
2-year course 1,520 hours April March of two years later
1-year and 9-month course 1,330 hours July March of two years later
1-year and 6-month course 1,140 hours October March of two years later
1-year and 3-month course 950 hours January March of one year later

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Time Schedule

Classes are hold from Monday to Friday.

1st lesson 2nd lesson 3rd lesson 4th lesson
Morning class 9:15 ~ 10:00 10:05 ~ 10:50 10:55 ~ 11:40 11:45 ~ 12:30
Afternoon class 13:15 ~ 14:00 14:05 ~ 14:50 14:55 ~ 15:40 15:45 ~ 16:30

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The following is the detailed description of the curriculum.

(1) Elementary: Approximately 6 months

Designed for study and practice of basic grammar, approximately 1,500 words, and 300 kanji characters. Daily conversation and reading comprehension. For Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level 3 students.

(2) Intermediate: Approximately 6 months

Study and practice of intermediate grammar, general conversation, approximately 6,000 words, and 1,000 kanji characters. For JLPT level 2 students.

(3) Advanced: Approximately 6 months to 12 months

Focus on advanced grammar and conversational skills required for social life in Japan, including approximately 10,000 words, and 2,000 kanji characters. For JLPT level 1 students.

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Programs for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is conducted both in Japan and outside Japan to evaluate and certify the language proficiency of primarily non-native speakers of Japanese. (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services)

ICA offers various programs for JLPT. Students will take the Japanese Language Achievement Test, conducted by Senmon Kyoiku Shuppan, twice a year. JLAT is a very practical test, which evaluate writing, reading, and listening skills, not only for JLPT, but also for entrance examinations.

Our course objective is that each student passes JLPT Level 1. Most universities in Japan require an international student to pass JLPT Level 1 or 2 for their admissions.

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Programs for higher education

In addition to programs for JPLT, ICA offers various programs for entering a college, university, graduate school, and vocational school. We also offer training programs for essay and interview for an entrance examination.

In cooperation with AIK, a management consultant specializing in vocational colleges, and Senmon Kyoiku Shuppan, a publisher of educational texts, we are able to offer a wide array of up to date information to help you to plan and set goals for higher education in Japan. Senmon Kyoiku Shuppan hold the school fair for international students three times a year. Staff from universities, college, vocational school will help your questions. Students will attend on the meeting as a class activity.

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